The 5 Best PS4 Accessories You Need Today!

5 Best PS4 Accessories
5 Best PS4 Accessories

Many of us will think that our PS4 is obsolete or from the “stone age” ever since the launch of PS5. The good news is that is not the case. PS4 is still hugely relevant and still more commonly owned by people. All the games are still compatible with this gaming console, so make the most out of it while it lasts. If you are all set with your PS4 controllers and a good internet plan from Grande Communications Network for your gaming needs, then here is what you need to buy next. 

The 5 Best PS4 Accessories

1.Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim/Pro/Regular Playstation 4

If you are one avid gamer who spends long hours with their PlayStation, then you really do need a cooling stand such as this Kootek vertical stand. The stand has a multi-purpose functionality, making it a great value for many. It can be used for simply making your PS4 stand in a vertical upright position securely, or as a stand and as a cooling fan as well. After long hours of use, this accessory will be your PS4’s best companion. The stand can also be a great pick for those who have limited space and need their PlayStation to be standing tall to save space. 

It also has room for 2 controllers, so they can cool and even charge in the stand too. Plus, the stand comes with 2 charging ports and 3 USB hubs that you can further use to connect or even charge your smart devices. There are a total of 3 high-quality fans that work tirelessly to cool down your gaming console. For those who don’t want their gaming space to be cluttered with gadgets and controllers, this stand can be the best way to remain organized.

2.HyperX Cloud Stinger – Gaming Headset

Gaming is nothing without good sound quality. This is especially true if you are playing multiplayer games, or any game that has a lot of background music playing. The HyperX Cloud Stinger gaming headset will be your best friend during all the battles and tournaments you do with your friends. The headset is equipped with wired connectivity technology. 

It is a lightweight gadget, weighing only about 90 grams, with a comfortable design that allows the user to make adjustments according to their preferences. For example, its ear cups are 90 degrees rotatable, all the while having premium quality memory foam that further ensures comfort. 

Not only this, but its sound technology is also remarkable. You will get a noise-canceling microphone that you can use to communicate easily and clearly with your teammates. Plus, the microphone also has a unique swivel-to-mute functionality that lets you mute the mic without getting distracted from the game. The best part is that the headset is compatible with all other gaming consoles and with PC as well, so it does not limit its usage.

3.Seagate Game Drive 2TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD

Ever since the launch of the new PlayStation 5, new games are also emerging at a fast speed. But that does not mean you have to get rid of your old games to make some space for the newer ones. Instead, buy this Seagate gaming hard drive that can let you backup all your games without losing even a tiny bit of your data. 

The hard drive has a space of up to 4TB, but you can also get it in 2TB size. With simple plug-and-play functionality, you can minimize lagging and load time when this external drive is being used to play the games. Its compact size and portability also make it ideal for travelers. All these features come with a generous 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. 

4.Sony PlayStation VR

If you are really in the mood to invest in a high-end PS4 accessory, then don’t look any further and just get this Sony PlayStation VR set. It is the most future-proof accessory you can get. It uses HDMI and USB connection technology and has a simple plug-and-play functionality. It is equipped with an OLED display of up to 5.7 inches, with a resolution of 1080p. This way you will be more immersed in your favorite games than ever.

Its sound technology is also worth mentioning. It has powerful 3D sound technology that doesn’t let even a single beat or sound get missed. You will also be able to use sound as a means of performing better at the game, making the most out of all your senses. The VR set includes a VR headset, a connection cable, processor unit, stereo headphones, and AC power adaptor, and power cord. 

5.Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals for PS 5, PS4, and PC

Logitech has a huge name in the industry when it comes to gaming accessories and the latest gadgets. The same is the case with its G923 Racing wheel and pedal that works with PS4 and PS5, and can also be enjoyed by PC gamers. You will feel every detail of your favorite game with this gadget’s special TRUEFORCE technology that produces realistic impacts and effects on the player. 

It is the best accessory for those who play car race games. The high-quality brake springs and 24-point selector help the player gain good control over the game and improve their overall performance. Another great thing about this is its highly durable and robust built. Its components and parts are made of aluminum, steel while the steering is cushioned and finished off with premium leather. 

Wrapping It Up 

Get your hands on these futuristic accessories at the first chance you get. With the best internet plans for gaming from buytvinternetphone and the right accessories for your PS4, you will not be missing out on any gaming trends!