5 reasons why you should enlist in war and order

War and Order takes place in a time of chaos. It also takes place in a universe where there are orcs, elves, and mages, so chaos is pretty much a given.

This ambitious title from Camel Games is one of our favorite strategy games of recent years, mixing tower defense, castle building and epic battles with a pleasantly earthy medieval setting for dramatic effect.

War and Order has attracted over 50 million registered players since it went live in early 2016. Just in case you’re not one of them, here’s the truth.

The game allows you to build your city, trade, train your troops, build an army and take part in battles on a truly gargantuan scale. There is also an alliance system, allowing you to call upon your fellow human beings to aid you in endless combat.

At this point, you might be thinking that War and Order looks a lot like a million other mobile strategy games. It’s not.

What sets War and Order apart is the depth of its gameplay and systems. Take the Barracks, one of the key buildings you need to maintain and use in the game. The Barracks is where you recruit and train your troops, and they come in a dazzling array of different shapes and sizes, across the board. figuratively.

There are four different classes of troops, each excelling in a different field of combat and each with their own unique skills.

But the complexity doesn’t stop there. Within each troop class there are different levels, and each of them also has their own skills. In addition, the troops of each class are divided into two different races.

To take the Archer class as an example, you can recruit humans at odd levels and elves at even levels. Humans are effective against mages, while Elves are effective against infantry units.

Multiply that by all of the different classes, then multiply it by all of the different combinations of weapons and items available to you, and you’ll start to get a feel for just how deep there is in just one facet of gameplay. War and Order.

We could write all day about the city-building aspect of War and Order’s only gameplay, covering the Beast Lair, College, Depot, Driving Range, Hospital, not to mention the various related buildings. to the alliance.

Then we could spend another day writing about combat tactics, which are Napoleonic in scope and scale, taxing even the most seasoned War and Order veterans.

Instead, we’ve decided to summarize our favorite things about War and Order in these five reasons why you need to play it right now.

Awesome alliances

War and Order has one of the most significant and sophisticated alliance systems we’ve come across in a mobile strategy game. Not only do your fellow Alliance members help you in battle, but they also participate with timers and other more practical tasks.

Additionally, once you are in an Alliance, you can use the Alliance Fort, as well as the Alliance Temple, Harbor and Harbor Tower, and various other Alliance related buildings. You can also visit elite mines, participate in territory defense battles, and much more.

A thriving community

The good thing about playing a game that has been around for a few years is that it has had time to build a community, and War and Order has one of the best communities out there.

The game itself is packed with alliances, and a quick internet search will take you to countless forums, Facebook pages, Wikis, and Subreddits where you can share battle stories and choose the brains of the game’s most grizzled veterans.

Battles Anyone Can Win

Battles in War and Order aren’t just a numbers game. Of course, throwing the larger army into the fray will give you a huge advantage, but while the battles are still raging, both commanders make decisions on formations, play the chances of joining the allies, etc.

Ultimately the more War and Order you play the better off you feel, not least because the game encourages you to watch battle reruns and consult battle reports just like a real commander.

Stunning graphics

Appearance isn’t everything. But there are many. War and Order is a mind-blowing strategy game, with a user interface that shows the battlefield in crisp, colorful detail without sacrificing anything in terms of functionality.

You can see everything and command your forces with ease, as three-dimensional rock monsters and other skillfully animated beasts rampage across the map and the windmill blades gently spin in the breeze.

A blockbuster soundtrack

Camel Games clearly understands that music is an important part of the overall aesthetic effect. A few seconds of the score Gladiator, for example, or the theme of Jurassic Park, are enough to make the hairs stand on the back of your neck and get you back into the action.

That’s why Camel Games has licensed 22 epic orchestral scores from Hollywood’s top music studios.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

You can download War and Order for free now from the Google play store and the App Store.