6 Trends That Will Rule The Internet Gaming Industry In 2022

Gaming is a predominant trend today, but with the rise in popularity amongst the younger generation, gaming fever has caught everywhere. Further, gaming today has emerged as the business sector, which is proving highly lucrative. 

 Rule The Internet Gaming Industry
Rule The Internet Gaming Industry

The internet gaming industry sector is fast-paced as well as diverse. Avid players constantly crave for high-quality gaming experience since they are not satisfied with the current technologies. For retaining the good players as well as encouraging people to take this up, the software developers and the game creators have to keep executing and re-inventing many new technologies.

The fast growth of smartphones, higher disposable income, and affordable data, have strengthened the share of the entertainment and media industry by 4 to 5%. Let us look at some upcoming trends that are ruling the online gaming industry.

1. AR and VR is mainstream

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality both work together. Gamers who have got VR gaming consoles may use this for playing AR-based games and enjoying AR apps. Many developers are joining this arena of VR and AR mobile app development. One such game is Pokemon Go that has been downloaded a billion times and is based only on VR and AR gaming.

2. Mobile Gaming

Even Nintendo has entered this mobile gaming market arena. Trends show that the best mobile games have stayed at the top, and new games cannot unseat these incumbents. It is simple to design the games for different platforms, however, it is getting very tough to reach the interested players.

3. Cloud Providers Become a New Game Console

The widespread cloud adoption, as well as access, has now changed in the way mobile and video games are made, delivered as well as played. Time-to-market boost is dramatic. Now, players can access the new games irrespective of the location in case they have an internet connection, reducing the amount of time required to get games, add-ons, and expansion packs.

Unlike the game consoles, even cloud gaming has moved its content execution from console to cloud. The players can stream games as compressed video frames in a way you stream your videos over Netflix. The difference is that videos react to the user input; when the key is pressed, input will be sent to the remote cloud server that sends the new video frame.

4. Gaming Tournaments Online

The internet gaming industry has seen another shift due to COVID. Where these tournaments were rightly organized in the arenas, now they are getting organized from your homes. It has led to an increase in the frequency of internet gaming tournaments. Where the audience was paying over $100 for the seat in an arena, now they are paying over $10. However, the benefit is many people can now join, and the seats are not sold out. Thus, many people now can join this tournament as an audience.

5. Crypto Set Dominating the Gambling World

Cryptocurrencies may continue to dominate the gambling industry, with a lot of platforms online accepting crypto this year. There are many people who enjoy as well as prefer such transactions from the withdrawals, deposits, as well as gameplay in Bitcoin or other digital currencies due to the anonymity and security.

Traditional payments still will remain one best option for the biggest gambling websites, however now, cryptocurrencies are replacing the old methods slowly as many people prefer staying anonymous and untraceable, particularly with something very sensitive as online gambling. 

On top of this, the added security of the crypto makes players feel at ease as hacking and identity theft will be minimized. Therefore, crypto has become the most preferred and prime choice for a lot of gamers out there and continues to be in this way for forthcoming years.

6. The arrival of 5G

With the arrival of 5G services, it has significantly improved the download and upload speeds on the mobiles by several times. It’s quite relevant as many games online are dependent on high internet speeds for optimum performance. Furthermore, it will grow the gaming community since many users are taking advantage of the 5G for live streaming as well as playing games on mobile phones and tablets easily.

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