Acclaimed Action-Adventure Game Figment Comes To Android This Week

Developer Bedtime Digital Games has announced that Figment, its acclaimed action-adventure game in the human mind, is coming to Android on Thursday.

Originally released on PC before moving to iOS last year, Figment sees you exploring a beautiful isometric rendering of someone’s imagination. You’ll have to fight nightmares and solve puzzles, easily covering the “action” and “adventure” basics described above.

Figment’s influences include Bastion, Psychonauts and the movie Inside Out. We suppose. It features gameplay details based on real brain processes, such as collectible orbs that represent endorphins and waves of despair that you must avoid. Its puzzles and global campaign deal with mental health issues.

If that makes Figment look dignified and tedious, it isn’t. Bedtime Digital uses humor, charm and a beautiful Amanita Design-esque aesthetic to make Figment a fun, accessible, puzzle-rich journey through an entertaining and troubled mind.

You can play it on Android later this week.