Android Game Titles: Titan Quest, The Witcher: Monster Slayer, EA Buys Glu, and more

If this week’s headlines tell us anything, it’s that humans still harbor a healthy distrust of capitalism. This is evident in the way bloggers and web commentators reacted to the announcement that EA is buying Glu, and in the title of Lozange Lab’s upcoming game: Rip Them Off.

Fortunately, developer Rusty Lake is on hand to demonstrate that not everyone is greedy. Once again, it is giving away one of its most acclaimed horror adventure and puzzle games for free. Jump on that now.

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Punish: Gray Raven is already a hit in China and Japan, and it’s not hard to see why. This sci-fi RPG from Kuro Games looks like a futuristic Genshin impact, with the same smooth cel-shaded graphics and anime aesthetics. It also has an interesting premise: a robot virus has turned all synthetic life forms against biological forms, and only you can save humanity.

Undecember is a funny old name, but the game it’s attached to seems deadly serious. This ambitious PC and mobile title clearly has Diablo Immortal in its sights, delivering exactly the same sort of magical hack-and-slash action. It will also come with cross play, allowing mobile gamers to give their PC cousins ​​what for.

Rusty Lake is a good developer. Just a few weeks ago he decided to give his entire Cube Escape series away for free forever, and now he’s offering the awesome horror adventure game Rusty Lake Hotel, albeit on a more temporary basis. Go get it now, before the price drops back to the still reasonable $ 1.99.

Glu is one of the world’s greatest mobile game developers, with a legacy stretching back to the humble days of J2ME. EA, meanwhile, is one of the oldest developers. The latter is currently assimilating the former into a perfectly logical, but still unpopular, act of building a corporate empire.

While we’re on the subject of capitalism, the latest game from Swim Out developer Lozange Lab is targeting the retail industry. This smart tower defense puzzle sees you building stores and making it nearly impossible for consumers to avoid going in and spending all their money. It sounds like a smart, fun concept, and it’s coming in May.

Oh look, we’ve decided to put together the 17 best word games for Android including Scrabble GO, Anagraphs, Typeshift, Words for a bird, and many more. Naturally, our readers have already started improving our list with their own contributions.

Titan Quest is an acclaimed and massive action-RPG that’s been around forever on PC and consoles. The mobile version languished until HandyGames grabbed it, since then it has been regularly updated and tweaked. The studio also recently released a Legendary Edition, featuring some puffy visuals and plenty of DLC. And now, finally, it also supports the controller.

It would be easy to dismiss The Witcher: Monster Slayer as a Pokemon GO-aping gadget, but it’s so much more than that. The latest from CD Projekt is a true RPG that you play in augmented reality, not only fighting monsters, but also meeting NPCs, receiving quests and learning about the lore of the continent.