Android Game Titles & Updates: PUBG Mobile, Among Us, Xbox Beta, etc.

Android Game Titles & Updates: Big Brother, Dragon Quest Tact, Brawlhalla, etc.

Big Brother is not happening this year, likely because of what Covid-19 would likely do to a house full of humans. Instead, we have Big Brother: The Game, an intriguing project that has been approaching for several months with an air of mystery before finally revealing how it works this week.

Elsewhere, we have a few NetEase projects in the mix, a welcome announcement to Dragon Quest Tact, and a very intriguing experimental storytelling game to look forward to.

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LifeAfter, NetEase’s richly depressing post-apocalyptic multiplayer multiplayer shooter, is entering its third season. The main features of this next big update are a massively expanded map and massively upgraded zombies, capable of climbing walls, camouflaging themselves, breaking through doors, and more. You will have to improve your game.

Big Brother: The game, a joint project between Endemol and developer 9th Impact, was brought to our attention earlier this year. It sounded intriguing, but at the same time, no one had a clue what that would entail. Now we know: multiple houses, a competitive game every morning to establish the house leader, a daily vote and an end date next May.

It’s been a busy week at NetEase headquarters. Not only did he have news for the next season of LifeAfter, but he opened up his next big shooter for pre-registrations. Badlanders is billed as a “loot shooter,” which means you’ll spend a lot of time making money – and losing it if you’re not careful.

Classify this under “cult potential”. Unmemory is a new experimental indie game with an impressive set of influences that include Blackbar, Device 6 and the Christopher Nolan film Memento. He sees you attempting to solve a murder while suffering from memory loss, gathering evidence in text and other media.

Square Enix took to Twitter to reveal that its highly anticipated Dragon Quest Tactical PTR is coming to the West. Why should you care? Because it is made by the creator of Dragon Quest, Yuki Horii, and allows you to befriend, train and fight with monsters.

9th Dawn III is a 2D open world dungeon crawler with a recent and growing pedigree. He sees you set out to investigate ghost sightings before getting drawn into a plot involving an untrustworthy king and a mysterious powerful foe. It contains all kinds of monsters, weapons and more, as well as its very own Gwent-esque card game.

A3: Still Alive is a spin-off of the popular PC multiplayer game A3, which is a hit in Korea but largely unknown in the west. It takes place in an always-open PvP environment where players can explore, hack, cut, loot, and generally have fun until someone kills them.


Brawlhalla hit these pages just a few weeks ago thanks to the arrival of the game’s Season 2 Battle Pass. This time around, Smash Bros, a free-to-play game from Ubisoft, has gained some notoriety thanks to it. added a new character, Mako the Shark. As you can see in the trailer below, he’s struggling.

After establishing himself as a complete Mario Kart drummer on mobile, KartRider Rush + is now going to bed with Big Auto. Nexon Mobile has partnered with Hyundai to add the Sonata N Line to the in-game vehicle roster. In addition, it is hosting a series of in-game events through October 18.

Interestingly, we reported the arrival of the kingdom of Hadum to Black Desert Mobile several weeks ago, in what can only be described as a flawed report. But now this exciting new region is available to explore.