Angry Birds Journey has launched a phased launch in select territories (including US and Canada)

Angry Birds Journey, the “ultra-accessible” entry to the long-running Angry Birds franchise, has been smoothly launched in a handful of territories.

These territories are the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Poland.

After a series of unfortunate experiences with the Angry Birds license, including a tennis match, a soccer match, and a management sim, Rovio has apparently gone back to basics with Angry Birds Journey.

The game is built on the classic slingshot gameplay of the original, and sees you hurl (angry) birds at rickety structures housing green pigs. It features characters from across the franchise, as well as new faces.

Rovio also promises an “exciting adventure with new places to discover and explore”.

It looks solid. If you are lucky enough to live on the North American continent or one of the few European countries where the phased launch is launched, you can download Angry Birds Journey for free now.