AR Adventure Wallace & Gromit: Big Fix Up is coming to the Google Play Store

Wallace & Gromit: Big Fix Up, the ambitious AR adventure game from Pictioneers and Aardman Studio, has arrived on the Google Play Store.

The game sees the adorable couple enter another business venture. This time they are in the cleaning game and they have just won the contract to clean up and repair the entire city of Bristol in the south west of England.

As they apply themselves to this colossal task, they will have to face off against cake mogul Bernard Grubb, who is determined to use the Big Fix Up to fuel his own political ambitions.

The story takes place over several weeks and stars famous actors like Miriam Margoyles, Isy Suttie and Jim Carter (Downton’s butler). Wallace is voiced by Ben Whitehead. His predecessor in the role – Peter Sallis – died in 2017.

The innovative and borderless gameplay will involve phone calls, mixed reality, AR, CGI animation, and more.

According to Scott Ewings of Fictioneers, its creation required the development of a new software platform called MUST to enable creative teams to “design stories, timelines and activities in real time, then integrate a variety of transmedia. to support these stories ”. Sounds pretty swish.

To be involved, download Wallace & Gromit: Big Fix Up for free now on the Google Play Store.