Battlefield Mobile Regional Beta Launch Soon

In the wake of Apex Legends Mobile’s latest round of beta testing, another multiplayer shooter from EA is taking its first steps into the mobile gaming arena. That’s right, the first regional beta of Battlefield Mobile will launch soon.

This first part of the game’s testing process will only be available in Indonesia and the Philippines when it releases in the not too distant future, but more regions will be added as the test progresses.

The first phase of the beta will feature a map – Grand Bazaar – and a mode – Conquest. Although we imagine more will be added over time and the scope of the test will expand.

All of this was revealed in a forum post that you can read by clicking here. The game is being developed by Industrial Toys, a team led by former Bungie workers known for sci-fi shooters Midnight Star and Midnight Star: Renegade. It was acquired by EA in 2018.

Elsewhere in the forum post, it is confirmed that there will be no cross play in Battlefield Mobile – this is purely a mobile game and will not tie into the home and console versions of the game.

This covers everything we know about Battlefield Mobile and its upcoming gameplay test. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.