Best Laptop for Students 2022

The modern educational process involves the use of electronic learning tools. If a tablet is enough for junior high school, a high school or college student cannot do without a laptop. You can carry it with you to class, the device will simplify the demonstration of presentations, projects, note-taking, and allows you to develop practical skills right in the classroom. We have analyzed the market and chose the best laptops for studying 2022, which rating is given below.

1. Asus VivoBook 14

The most important features of a modern notebook for studying are a compact body and high performance. The new Asus VivoBook has all of this in a matte screen, which also saves your eyesight during long hours of PC use. ASUS Eye Care technology reduces flicker and lowers the appearance of the screen. The screen features high quality color reproduction and a wide viewing angle (178°).

Inside is a powerful quad-core Intel Core i3 processor. The notebook has a full range of connectors, including USB 3.2, for comfortable work with various devices. The NumberPad 2.0 high-speed touchpad replaces the number pad. The user can activate the keyboard on the touchpad using the calculator key. Fingerprint authorization is now available in this model.

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There are two modifications on sale: with 8GB and 16GB RAM and SSD capacities from 256GB to 1TB. 

The disadvantages of the device include the fact that battery life barely exceeds 6 hours (when watching video in 720p quality) and the lack of a pre-installed operating system. Users note the inconvenient location of the Delete key next to the off button.

Main Features

Display 14
CPU Intel Core i3 1115G4 3 GHz
GPU Intel UHD Graphics
Battery 42 W⋅h
RAM/SSD 8-16 GB/256 GB/1 TB
Weight 1.5 kg

2. Apple MacBook Air 13

The light and “airy” laptop from Apple stands out not only for its price, but also for some of its features. MacBook has its own operating system macOS. It is securely protected from viruses, but the choice of available programs is much smaller than in the case of Windows. “Scissor” keyboard Magic Keyboard differs from the usual analogues by the fact that its keys, when pressed, are lowered without skewing and staggering. Thanks to that, they move only 0.5 mm, so you won’t get tired of typing for a long time.

It is worth noting that the notebook has a glossy screen, which transmits colors perfectly. This will be useful when working with graphics when working with graphics. However, such displays glare a lot, so it is not very convenient to use the laptop on the street. The MacBook Air 13 has no HDMI port. That is, you can connect it to a big screen for presentation only with the help of an adapter. The device can run for 18 hours at an average load. 

Main Features

Display 13,3 inches (2560×1600)
Number of processor cores 8
Battery life 18 hours
Weight 1.29 kg


If you are looking for a laptop that is suitable not only for educational purposes but also for gaming, consider the MSI MODERN 15 with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD. At the same time, the manufacturer has provided SO-DIMM and M.2 connectors to increase the amount of RAM. The model has a powerful quad-core Intel Core i5 processor and GeForce MX450 graphics controller, so the graphics will be top-notch.

Backlit keyboard will help to work in the dark. The notebook’s weight is comparatively light, not more than 1.6 kg. MSI MODERN 15 chassis is compact and made of aluminum and the lid can be opened 180 degrees.

This model produces excellent sound thanks to the Nahimic Sound system and stereo speakers. The 52W⋅h lithium-ion battery capacity is less than that of popular models (ZenBook 15, XPS 15), giving this PC only 6-7 hours of battery life for web surfing and office applications. In general, for the school day this is more than enough, taking into account the option of fast charging (up to 100% in 2 hours).

Main Features

Display 15.6 inches (1920×1080)
CPU Intel Core i5 1135G7 2.4 GHz
GPU Intel UHD Graphics 620
Battery 52 W⋅h
RAM/SSD 16/512 GB
Weight 1.6 kg

4. Huawei Matebook D16

If you are looking for a large screen diagonal and power, choose the Huawei Matebook D16. The frameless 16.1-inch screen with 100% sRGB color gamut is suitable for future designers, as color rendering and graphics here are top-notch. 

In terms of performance, the laptop is one of the best in its price category, as it has a 6-core AMD R5 4600P processor and has the ability to expand memory storage up to 2 TB (by installing an additional drive). RAM is available in two variants: 8GB and 16GB (without the possibility of increasing). Dual channel DDR4 3200 MHz RAM allows for lightning-fast opening of files and applications.

The ultrabook in terms of weight (1.7 kg) and thickness (1.8 cm) turned out to be mobile. A 56W⋅h battery gives a stable 7 hours of battery life for web surfing. The manufacturer claims that it will take just over an hour (79 min) to 100% charge. Some users have noted that the PC has a quiet sound, and the metal case shows any dirt.

Main Features

Display 16.1 inches (1920×1080)
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 4600H 3.0 GHz
GPU Radeon Vega 6
Battery 56 W⋅h
RAM/SSD 8/512 GB
Weight 1.7 kg

5. Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15

The laptop from Lenovo has a number of qualities that laptops should have for studying. First, this model boasts a 2300MHz AMD 6-core processor and 8GB of RAM. A laptop with this kind of performance will help with both simple and complex study tasks.

Secondly, the computer is equipped with 15.6-inch anti-glare screen. It is equally comfortable to work with and on the street, and in the classroom, and at home. Thirdly, the PC has an aluminum lid with a protrusion that can be conveniently opened with one hand. This can be useful if one hand is busy with a bag, for example. The device can last 14 hours without recharging under moderate load.

Main Features

Display 15.6 inches (1920×1080)
Number of CPU cores 6
Battery life 14 hours
RAM 8 GB DDR4 3200 MHz
Weight 1.66 kg