Best New Android Games and Sales: Pascal's Bet, Golf on Mars, The Room, and More

Best New Android Games and Sales: Pascal’s Bet, Golf on Mars, The Room, and More

After a few weeks of drought, it was an exceptional seven days for new releases, with two Square Enix titles expected, the awesome Souls-like Pascal’s Wager and the FTL-esque Crying Suns, all adding to the stock of fun and adventure on the Google Play Store.

There are also some brilliant sales, including Kingdom Rush games, Room and Goat Simulator, and more. Enjoy!

New games

Romancing SaGa Re; univerSe is a free gpg RPG from Square Enix with a neat presentation and a neat retro aesthetic. Plus, it’s the first SaGa mobile game that doesn’t cost a bomb.

Crying Suns, of the Humble Bundle, is a space roguelike along the lines of FTL. It’s much bigger and more ambitious, however, and a fully fleshed out story, a deeper strategy, and pixel-art worms.

Pokemon Cafe Mix is ​​a matching puzzle in which you have to serve the different Pokémon that visit your cafe, while other Pokémon help you in the kitchen.

For centuries, Pascal’s Wager was exclusively a theological argument. Now it’s also a Gothic action RPG from Dark Souls. First launched on iOS, it’s now also available on Android – and with a launch discount.

Rising Sushi could be the surprise hit of the week. This colorful casual game lets you pick up sushi on a conveyor belt and arrange them in a towering pile. It’s a bit like Tower Bloxx, if you remember that far.

The term Lovecraftian is often used, but The Innsmouth Case has a better claim to this status than most games. Innsmouth is the fictional city where H. P. Lovecraft put its horror stories, and this humorous interactive story fits perfectly into this scary tradition.

A few years ago, Desert Golfing caused a sensation. Superficially simple, he convinced many independent game enthusiasts that it was an aid to deep meditation as well as a game. Golf on Mars is the follow-up, and it has even more possibilities for variation. .

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road – originally known as Project Xenahort – is a standalone entry from the Kingdom Hearts series that you must download through the Kingdom Hearts Union Cross app. It shares the characteristics of the story with this game.

And some games that we missed …

An RPG deck building adventure with roguelike elements and rich storytelling.

A smart little puzzle in which you explore a series of elegant isometric spaces in search of closure.

An action-packed biker fighting game that takes the DNA of Road Rash and revives it for the generation of smartphones.


The first BAFTA-awarded The Room game is already free, and this weekend you can buy the other three at discounted prices. It’s as cheap as Room 2 and Room 3 have never been.

In another big sale, you can buy Kingdom Rush games and the excellent Iron Marines at a great price this weekend. Iron Marines at 99c is a special flight.

In another tempting publisher sale, Asmodee cut prices on several of its excellent board game conversions, including Ticket to Ride, Small World and the excellent Carcassonne, among others.

Football is back on UK screens, so it’s a good time to grab Football Manager 2020 – especially since it’s currently on sale for $ 3.99, down from its regular price of $ 8.99.

Once again, Goat Simulator games are available for a song on the Google Play Store. You can buy Goat Simulator, Goat Simulator Payday, Goat Simulator MMO, Goat Simulator GoatZ and Goat Simulator Waste of Space at a great price right now.