Best New Android Games and Sales: SpongeBob, KartRider, Hitman Sniper, and More

Best New Android Games and Sales: SpongeBob, KartRider, Hitman Sniper, and More

Some weeks are better than others, and it is fair to say that we are a bit down when it comes to new games. Fortunately, we still have fleshy headlines like Kingdom: Two Crowns and Juicy Realm from previous weeks to keep us busy.

That said, this mid-May seventh is not a total wash, with KartRider Rush + in particular offering fierce competition to Mario Kart Tour in the stakes of occasional runners.

New Android Games

The South Korean mega-studio has just launched Blade & Soul: Revolution, but there is a catch: it is only available in certain Asian territories. The game is a very refined MMORPG with a lot of fighting game DNA. Something to hope for.

GRID Autosport is a premium title without real-time multiplayer, although Feral Interactive has promised it will be added. Hence the multiplayer test application which has just been put online on Google Play. Assuming you can download it, it’s a good chance to play GRID Autosport for free if nothing else.

Honestly, we can’t believe this game doesn’t already exist. SpongeBob: Krusty Cook Off is a kitchen-based time management game centered on SpongeBob’s famous love for preparing fast food. It takes you on a Bikini Bottom tour, where you’ll set up new fast food places at various locations.

Part of the long KartRider series, KartRider Rush +, from developer Nexon Mobile, is an incredibly smooth and polished multiplayer kart racer with a huge amount of content. Easily group selection this week. It’s free too.


Hitman Sniper is another mobile wonder from Square Enix. It allows you to watch a single hill station through the range of your powerful sniper rifle, taking targets in the most discreet and methodical way possible. And it’s currently free.

The Lost Ship isn’t necessarily the kind of game we normally cover. This fairly conventional puzzle adventure game is not particularly cool or clever, but it is polite and well-designed, and it has a large number of positive user reviews. Normally, it’s a premium title, it’s free now.

The 911 dispatcher isn’t one of the most attractive job opportunities in the world, but in the form of a video game, it’s a tense and challenging race on a time management roller coaster under pressure. And it’s only 99c on Android right now.

Distraint 2 is a mobile horror masterpiece that scares the smallest screen with nothing more than pixel-art graphics, a disturbing tale and an equally disturbing aesthetic. It is half price and worth downloading.