Best New Android Games and Updates: Ronin: The Last Samurai, EVE Echoes, KartRider Rush +, and more

The first weeks after Christmas are still quiet in terms of new releases, but there are a few promising prospects on this week’s list. Asdivine Saga is another portion of Kemco’s cool and cute JRPG fun, while Ronin: The Last Samurai may just be one of the first surprise hits of 2021.

There are plenty of events to dive into and huge updates to explore, including one that lets you occupy space stations and control regions of nullsec. Good luck with that!

New games

Kemco has around a million RPGs on the Google Play Store, all superficially – and in fact – quite similar. Asdivine Saga is the last born. Set in a fantasy, cute universe, it sees you playing as a dude with a group of three comrades trying to save the world – and possibly building a romantic relationship in the process.

The product of sudden COVID-related unemployment, Choppy Waters is a playful and quite polite casual endless swimmer in which you play as an oddly hydrophilic cat, avoiding various aquatic hazards by swimming as far as you can.

Mad Cars is an innovative and extremely simple casual auto-runner in which you have to drive a car past various dangers on a road. The twist is that you collect extra cars as you drive, and these drop when you hit obstacles. The trailer covers it.

Already causing a stir on the Google Play Store, Ronin: The Last Samurai is a beautiful sword-fighting game with a painterly art style – much like Okami. He sees you paring, slicing, dismantling skills, and generally being a katana badass.


Season five has started in KartRider Rush +, and this time the race takes place in space, on two new tracks surrounded by floating debris, satellites and distant planets. There are also new racers, a new kart, and a brand new Energy Arena mode, where you can compete against other players for glory and leaderboard rewards.

It’s not that long ago (November) that Skylanders Ring of Heroes underwent a massive and revolutionary overhaul. Its developers have been busy, however, and the latest update adds a ton of new things, including a new battle mode, a Sky Tower Arena, and a scatter of special events through which you can earn items and rewards. invocations.

EVE Echoes’ latest update is a doozy, adding a whole new dimension to the gameplay. Thanks to the update – called Indomitable – players can now create and occupy nullsec space stations, allowing them to putatively control regions of the game world. The maximum fleet size has also been increased to 50, among other tweaks and improvements.

Line Games’ popular casual shooter is currently having a New Years login event. Until January 30, the event is giving all players who login a New Years costume, along with a ton of rewards. , including 1m gold, three stalight orbs and the crest completion scrolls.

The latest Teppen content drop, named The Battle of Amatsu, adds Demon Queen Oichi. Oichi is a widow whose tragic loss drives her mad. And the evil. Its abilities include Dancing Dead, which deals damage to your opponent equal to the number of unit cards in your graveyard. The Battle of Amatsu, in case you care, takes place after the Battle of Amaterasu with Oda Nobunaga.