Best New Android Games This Week: Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy VIII, Magic: The Gathering Arena, And More

It has been what we in the business world call an “exceptional week”. Not only have we welcomed new games from the Final Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot and Project Cars franchises, but we also have a great game Magic: The Gathering.

And there’s more, including the latest addition to the Puzzle Quest series, a decade after the last one arrived, an interesting cat-based puzzle, a collection of wacky mini-games, and a truly bizarre Godzilla title.

What do you think of when you hear the word “Godzilla”? Probably giant waves, crumbling buildings, exploding vehicles, and hapless civilians curling up in the shadow of a massive foot. Run Godzilla doesn’t evoke any of that. Instead, it’s a quiet and really weird idle game. Initial reviews have been mixed, but we’re intrigued.

Magic: The Gathering is the original – and some would say the best – collectible card game. And Magic: The Gathering Arena is the closest to the original on a screen, capturing the essence of the physical card game. It came to PC first, and you can take on those PC players on your phone through cross-platform play. It’s best to practice first, however.

The Puzzle Quest series has generated surprisingly few sequels, considering its popularity and the fact that it essentially invented a genre. Puzzle Quest 3 comes a full decade after Puzzle Quest 2, but it doesn’t play too much with the formula. This early access version lets you match gems to win magical battles, just like in the intoxicating days of 2011.

The striking thing about Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! is that the Crash Bandicoot is a perfect fit for the 3D auto racer genre. This free auto racer from King looks like a real Crash Bandicoot game, although it plays exactly like Minions Rush or Subway Surfers. And gamers seem to be enjoying it, giving the game an average of 4.6 stars out of 330,000 reviews.

Postknight 2 is exactly what it sounds like: a sequel to a game about a knight delivering the message. Now available in Early Access, Postknight 2 is another dose of lovable RPG fun. This allows you to visit villages, magical forests and mountains, meet NPCs and help them solve their problems. Just like a real postman.

Project Cars Go doesn’t have much in common with the Project Cars console series. Like Forza Street, it takes a series of hardcore racing sims and reimagines it as a CSR-style drag racing game that you can play with just one finger because there is no steering. The reviews so far have been pretty horrible, but you can count on Gamevil to improve it over time.

Pureya is a unique proposition. This stylish collection of Majorariatto minigames lets you play a different minigame every ten seconds, featuring up and down racing, platforming, endless running, arcade shooting, pachinko And much more. Each of these games is playable with two buttons on the screen.

Cats in Time is a surprisingly polished puzzle from “boutique” developer Pine Studio. It allows you to explore a variety of diorama-like 3D environments in search of stray cats, who got lost not only in space but also in time, due to a time machine crash. . There are over 200 of these cats to be saved by solving puzzles.

Incredibly, we neglected to write Final Fantasy VIII Remastered when it launched earlier this week, so we make amends. Final Fantasy VIII Remasterered is, of course, an improved version of the 1999 original, with improved graphics and gameplay options. The mobile port, however, appears to be far from perfect at launch – even the Play Store description has a detailed disclaimer, right at the top. It is temporarily reduced, from $ 20.99 to $ 16.99.