Blade & Soul: Revolution, Netmarble’s latest open-world RPG, arrives March 4

Netmarble has announced that its latest game, Blade & Soul: Revolution, will launch worldwide on March 4.

The game is already available in various Asian territories, winning the award for “Best Google Play Game in Korea” in 2019. It is a highly cinematic and graphically sophisticated game that features martial arts, revenge missions and all. those good things.

The campaign sees you seeking revenge against Jinsoyun, a villain who killed your master. It takes place in a “gigantic” open world, and you can quickly cover vast distances walking on the wind.

There’s also open-field faction warfare, involving up to 500 players per server, and a joint attack system that lets you increase your damage by joining forces with a teammate.

It doesn’t sound very original, but if you’re looking for a free-to-play MMORPG it’s probably a safe bet.

Pre-register for Blade & Soul: Revolution now and you will get 1000 Black Crystals and a Premium Pet for free when uploaded.