Download Call of Duty Mobile Private Servers v1.0.15 for 2020

Really we were not able to believe our eyes when we have seen the call of duty mobile has been released out worldwide finally, really saying the game has faced out lots and lots of struggles to get released why we are saying this is that the pre-registration for the game has opened in the month of March itself so it been more than 6 months for the game to get released.

The main reason for the delay of game release is because the problems being caused out by lots of battle royale games like Fortnite Battle Royale, Pubg because lots of young people have lost their lives because of constantly playing these games non stop like for even 15 hours.

After long no of struggles the game has been released all over the world on the October 1, recently few days before the release of COD Mario Kart Tour has been released may this game might give a tough fight to Call of Duty Mobile during the release but Activision doesn’t worried about it and have released the game as said, now it has crossed more than 5 million downloads within a day of release and now racing towards a 10 million download mark.

So since this game has been having both Multiplayer Battle modes and Battle Royal Modes the game has high chances of beating the PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale.

Also since lots of users have been requesting us for Private Servers, we have decided out to work on bringing out the best working Private Servers for you.

Features of Call of Duty Mobile Private Servers

  • Get your free access to battle in a private dedicated server.
  • Also, you can even create out your own private servers in the game to play along with your friends if you want.
  • And start out your game with all the kind of premium weapons as you wanted from sniper to m4 anything like premium guns is also included out in this list.
  • Plus you will be getting special access in battle royale matches too which is another awesome mark to do in our private servers.
  • Many more such unlimited features are available in our Private servers to check it out now.

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What’s new

  • So far all the features of call of duty have been available in our Private Servers.
  • So with every update, we will also be bringing in the new features to our Private Servers too.

Try our call of duty mobile Apk

Download Call of Duty Mobile Private Servers APK v1.0.15

The process for downloading and installing APK on your device is much more easier than the process of iOS, so just simply follow the steps that been given out below.

  • First, download the above given APK file on your device.
  • Next before installing the Apk file connect to any good VPN.
  • Make sure your connections are good and more possibly connect to your nearest servers.
  • Now install the downloaded apk file on your file.
  • Then start enjoying your access to the private servers.

Try our Call of Duty Mobile Latest Mod Apk

Download Call of Duty Mobile Private Servers iOS v1.0.15

  • First, download the game application from the apple store before processing the method.
  • There is three IP address available in the game, choose one depending on your location.
  • Choose the one which is close to you.
  • Open wifi settings and tap on the “i” icon, besides that there will be SSID name.
  • There put any one of the IP address given below to connect to Mod Servers


  • Now start the game and wait until you are connected to the Mod Servers.


Don’t forget to add up your valuable suggestions about our private servers in the comment section below.