Catopia: Rush is a promising cat-themed action RPG, sign up for the closed beta here

Cats are the warriors of the natural world, blessed with razor-sharp claws and an even sharper murderous instinct. It’s no wonder they make such great video game characters.

Catopia: Rush is the first game from California start-up Supercolony, and it’s crawling with cats. Like a cat-based Archero, he sees you venturing into a fantasy realm with a group of feline heroes, slaughtering monsters, and getting your loot.

Your ultimate enemy is the Dark Lord, and you will spend your time dealing with his minions as you explore the huge, colorful game world and raid dungeons with a raid team made up of several deadly cats, all with their own roles. , skills and personalities. .

What we love about Catopia: Rush is that it has clearly been developed from scratch for mobile, with a portrait orientation suitable for the palm of your hand and an interface that lets you control everything with one. single inch.

It’s really a pretty ingenious entry mechanism. When your thumb is on the screen, you engage a floating joystick, and when you lift it, your team of cats will begin to shoot and automatically deploy their special abilities.

Despite the nifty simplicity of the core gameplay, there is a lot of depth to the team building elements of Catopia: Rush. You have a wide variety of cats at your disposal, allowing you to line up snipers, roulettes, tanks and more. The way you formulate your teams dictates the type of experience you have in combat.

Not only do these cats behave in different ways, but they also look different, and you can see the range of patterns in the trailer above. Catopia: Rush is gorgeous, with a charming cartoon aesthetic and tons of personality.

We’re excited to play Catopia: Rush, and you can also play it by applying for a place in the Closed Beta, which starts November 18.

Applications are open on the game’s official website, so go now reserve your place.