Chaser Tracer is an arcade drawing powered by Synthwave

Have you always wanted to protect the planet from a huge bomb hidden in the sun? Wanted to do it while listening to a thrilling synthwave soundtrack? While jotting down symbols and worrying a little? Well, you’re in luck, because that describes Chaser Tracer pretty well.

The game is a fast paced arcade blast that lets you doodle symbols in order to prevent the fake solar bomb from going off. Trace too slowly and you will be caught by the hunter and lose a life.

It’s a simple idea but it gets more and more complex as you progress through the experience. And since there are a hundred levels and three difficulty levels, you can imagine how complex things get.

It all adds up to make a white punch game that you can play with just one number. You will laugh, you will cry, you will watch the world destroyed by a supernova-ing sun. And then you will start over.

You can get Chaser Tracer from the Google Play Store for free by clicking here. And we highly recommend that you do, because it’s a lot of lightly sweaty fun.