Clash Royale April Update 2019- Trophy Road & New Card, and much more

Clash Royale April Update 2019- Trophy Road & New Card, and much more

We all know Clash Royale is one of the best games that has been available in the market, they have been always known for their excellent updates.

Regular updates is the reason why they are always on the top on the table than other games still now.

This time they have come around with an April Update which includes New game modes, New Card and Trophy Road.

Really this is going out to be the best ever update ever by clash royale and see in detail about this update below.

Clash Royale New Trophy Road – Things to know

Clash Royale April Update 2019

  • So the first thing in the update is that instead of waiting until 300 trophies to unlock rewards you can pick up these rewards along the way as you move on for every 50 trophies.
  • Still you get rewards when you reach new arena too.
Higher the Arena Better the Rewards will be
  • This trophy road is not only for the new arenas, but it also goes all the way around the top.
  • Now you’ll have high chances of getting Legendary chests once you reach 4000 trophies.
  • It is available for both new and existing users

Chest Boost

In the Trophy road, once you reach the new arena you’ll be the Chest boost which will be available for 24 hours and these can stack.

Trophy Floors

  • This is one of the big changes as we move on to the leagues 4000+ is going to be much easier for the players since most of the players are stuck between the region 4000 -4500.
  • This will allow you to stay in the new legendary arena, so you don’t need to have the fear of dropping back to the previous arenas.
  • Once the season ends you get all the Trophy road rewards in the League instead of Season strike Chest.
No more Season Chest Rewards

Clash Royale New Game Modes

1. Elixir Rush

Clash Royale April Update 2019


  • This mode allows you to get more elixir advantage over the opponent.
  • First of all, there is going to be Elixir Droplets on the Bridge, the troop to walk over the bridge will collect the elixir.
  • They will appear on the bridge every 30 seconds.
  • You’ll get 2 * Elixir if you destroy the elixir collector in the middle first.

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2. Mega Deck Mode

  • This mode allows you to play with nearly an 18 card deck.
  • This will be one of the coolest feature of this new update.
  • Its really awesome when you play with 18 cards in the game.
  • But you need to know how to use this wide range of cards in lots of different situations.
  • The main plus of this deck is you can’t easily guess what card does your opponent going to use.

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3. Dragon Egg Mode

  • In this mode there will be a neutral dragon Egg appearing during the battle.
  • The first person to destroy the egg will get an random dragon from the egg.

Earthquake Spell – New card, tips & strategies

Clash Royale April Update 2019

  • This card is familiar to all the clash of clans players and it is none other than earthquake spell costing 3 elixirs.
  • So this card will actually work only on ground troops.
  • Like it deals more damage with defensive troops like inferno tower, elixir collector, Mortar .
  • It also attacks crown towers too.
  • So use the card wisely.
  • The deck formation tips for Earthquake spell will be revealed soon, stay updated us.


We hope that this new April Update has really impressed you the way it did to us.

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