Dadish 2, the sequel to the popular Pixel-Art Platformer, is now available on Android

Dadish 2, the charming pixel-art platformer from indie developer Thomas K Young, is now available on the Google Play Store.

Once again, the radish kids of our radish hero have strayed, this time on an impromptu day Take your kids to work. Your efforts to collect them all will take you through a succession of short and very difficult stages involving swamps, rockets, a large tree, and space.

This highly anticipated sequel also includes a giant burger, five new bosses, a whole gang of fast food villains, and 50 levels.

In case you didn’t know what it is, Dadish comes from the same developer as the cult hit Super Fowlst, another acclaimed and wacky pixel-art platform.

Dadish was one of our best games of 2020, and Dadish 2 was one of our the most anticipated of 2021.

You can download Dadish 2 from the Google Play Store now. The download is free, with an IAP to remove ads.