Dead Cells Fatal Falls DLC Landing for Android on September 21

The next piece of DLC for Dead Cells is called Fatal Falls, and Playdigious has revealed it is slated to land on Android on September 21. DLC has already been released for most other platforms earlier in the year, so it’s time for us to catch up.

Fatal Falls adds new mid-game content to the Dead Cells experience, letting you choose a new path into the heart of the game. It adds new biomes, new enemies, and a new boss.

Of course, there’s a trailer that explains some of what happens in Fatal Falls. And because we love you almost as much as we love putting trailers into stories, we’ve embedded it in this story just below this paragraph.

Fatal Falls will be paid DLC when it launches on September 21, and it will be an IAP of $ 3.99. Along with this, the game is getting a free update that adds the custom mode to the game.

This will allow you to change some settings, change the appearance of items, your starting costumes, and more. Anyone with Dead Cells will be able to get it for free, although it should be noted that it will not work with auto-type mode.

If you haven’t played Dead Cells yet, you can grab it from the Play Store by clicking here. It’s a brilliant roguelite action platformer full of challenges, violence and fun.