Diablo Immortal is in closed beta right now in Australia

Diablo Immortal is currently being played by a select group of closed beta testers in Australia, after a well-received technical alpha in December.

The current alpha introduces a new class, called Crusader, as well as an increase in level cap from 45 to 55. Players will continue the campaign through two different areas: Mount Zavain, the Monks’ House, and the Frozen Tundra, the home of the scattered barbarian tribes.

There’s also a new dungeon to explore, called Cavern of Echoes, where players will find a giant frozen terror guarding a relic.

Also introduced in the latest alpha is a new “social endgame system” called Cycle of Strife, allowing players to fight either like Immortals or Shadows.

For more details on how the Cycle of Strife works, as well as a bunch of other things, watch the video above.

Diablo Immortal will be released later this year.