Download Baseball 9 Mod APK & Mod IPA

Download Baseball 9 Mod APK & Mod IPA v1.4.0 Latest Version

How many of those reading this post are fans of the Basketball game, probably all of them? I guess go because this game has lots of crazy fans all over the world though it is played only in a few regions that’s how popular this game is.

Still, there are lots of things we can speak about this game, so let’s jump straight into the topic with no more pep talk.

Basketball 9 is one of the games that will exactly bring the same gameplay features of real basketball in your device.

Cool right, wait still there are a lot of features you have to about this game.

For that, you have to download the game and start playing it right away now itself.

Due to the request from the users, we have finally developed a mod for Basketball 9 so that you can now enjoy the unlimited features of the game.

The full details and the download link for the mod are provided below.

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Features of Basketball 9 ModĀ 

  • You can build and play with your own team.
  • Unlimited cash and coins.
  • With the unlimited sources, you can buy out anything you want in the shop.
  • You can customize the costumes of your players easily.
  • Also, you can unlock your favorite players and add him to the team.
  • And many more features are available with this mod.

What’s New

  • Added Player customizing items.
  • New refined gameplay.
  • Also Modified the method of access to server data.
  • Bug Fixes and minor customizations.

Download Baseball 9 Mod APK v 1.4.0

  • For downloading and installing the Mod APK you have to simply follow the below-mentioned steps.
  • Before that Connect to a good VPN network.
  • Also, make sure that your VPN network server connection is strong.
  • We are doing this to make sure the mod works fine without no hazzles.
  • Now download and install theĀ  Mod APK file given above.
  • You’ll be connected to the mod servers.

Download Baseball 9 Mod IPA v 1.4.0

  • For installing Mod Ipa on your ios device we are going to follow a different method.
  • The method we are going to follow and use is DNS method which is quite effective than other methods.
  • For that you have to give required Permissions in your device when it asks for it.
  • Now change the DNS name of your device by any of the following DNS given.
DNS Servers:




  • Change your DNS mostly based on your location.
  • Now Refresh your wifi connections and you’ll be connected to the Mod Servers.

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