Download Call of Duty Mobile Legend of War Latest Mod APK & Mod IPA v1.0.9

So any call of duty fans here, I have got happy news out for you, yes the most expected Call of Duty Mobile Legend of War Pre-registration has been started out and the game is going to be released soon.

Actually, during my college days, me and my friends play this game all day by bunking class on our PC with the multiplayer mode, then we got separated and don’t get a chance to play.

But after hearing out the news that this game is coming to mobile we were out of the world so that we can bring back those days through this game.

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Stay awake guys the world’s most loved game is now coming to the mobile phones, and you can experience out everything that was in the PC version.

Everything from graphics, guns, maps, characters will be available on the mobile version like the same way as in PC, actually even better with new features.

And since this game is coming with MMORPG feature, this game really will give a tough fight to PUBG one of the biggest hit game all over the world.

So this is the first time I’m creating a mod for my favourite PC game ever.

Features of Call of Duty Mobile Mod

  • Unlock out all the maps in the game.
  • Plus get early access to all the special features of the game.
  • And also unlock out special skills and premium guns in the game.
  • Many more such unlimited features are available with our Mod, check it out now.

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Download Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK v1.0.9


For installing the Mod APK on your device, simply follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • First, download the above given Mod APK file.
  • Before installing the mod, connect to any good Private VPN.
  • Make sure that the server connections are good.
  • Now, wait until you are get connected to the Call of Duty Legends of War Mod APK.

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Download Call of Duty Mobile Mod IPA v1.0.9




So the process for iOS gonna be the real task because iOS doesn’t easily allow installation of third-party apps.

  • First remove any old versions of the game from your device.
  • Then download the mod file on your iOS device.
  • Now connect to any good vpn network.
  • Then login using a fresh mail id.
  • Wait until you are connected to the┬áCall of Duty Legends of War Mod IPA.

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We hope you have love our mod, if not please tell us why which will help us to improve