Download Jurassic World Alive Hack 2019 Latest Version v1.11.19

So if you were the kind of the ’90s then definitely you would have definitely grown watching Jurassic World from your childhood until now.

Until now you might have definitely watched out good Jurassic World Dinosaurs films but definitely not have played out a good Dinousar game until now.

But not anymore, Jurassic World Alive is finally out here to fulfil out your wish of playing a legendary Dinosaurs game of all time on your mobile phone for sure.

So through this game, you can explore your surrounding area to find your favourite Jurassic World dinosaurs, including new breeds that are more awe-inspiring and terrifying than ever before.

Also there are varieties of dinosaurs out in the game and each of them has its unique abilities, collect those unique dinosaurs to power up your team.

Also, there is one special thing to mention about the game that it is a location-based Augmented reality game like the Pokemon Go, so explore around to capture some rare dinosaurs that you have ever has seen.

Plus collect rare and stunning dinosaurs and maintain a full roster of thriving prehistoric animals.

And the separate download links for both the Mod APK and IPA files are given out below.

Google Play Store Link

Features of Jurassic World Alive Mod

  • First, unlock out all the dinosaurs out in the game including everything from the lower level to the premium level.
  • Then this is a location-based game hence you need to move around a lot to capture the dinosaurs.
  • But in out Mod you don’t need to move around catch dinosaurs.
  • You can enjoy the comfort of playing the game by sitting out in your couch itself.
  • Many more such unlimited features are available in our Hack.

What’s New

  • Now new creatures will be entering the park very soon.
  • And minor bug fixes and customizations.

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Download Jurassic World Alive Hack 2019 APK v1.11.19

When comparing to the downloading and installing process for ios it is very much easier in android devices. For that also you have to follow some simple steps.

This is box title
  • Download and install the above-given file.
  • Before opening it connect to a private VPN network.
  • Now Refresh your servers once and you’ll be on the Jurassic World Alive Private Servers Mod APK.

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Download Jurassic World Alive Hack 2019 IPA v1.11.19

  • So for this, we are going to follow the DNS method for it.
  • Go to settings bar in your device.
  • And open wifi option.
  • There Click on i Icon.
  • Now click Change SSID name.
  • Now enter any one of the below-given DNS.
DNS Servers:




  • Now refresh your connections and you’ll be on the Jurassic World Alive Private Servers Mod IPA.


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