Download Kick the Buddy Mod Ipa & Mod APK

Download Kick the Buddy Mod Ipa & Mod APK v 1.0.6 Updated 2020

Kick the Buddy has been recorded as the one of the best ever game release of this year, it has created a massive record of reaching 100 million downloads with  3 months of release. It’s really a big landmark achieved by only a few games.

Kick the buddy is a simple game release by playgendary, they were one of the new game makers in the market in the year.

And surprisingly they have come out with the best games and their new game launches were also a big hit one.

Recently they have launched out nearly 4-5 games and surprisingly most of the game has crossed 10 million downloads.

This game is so simple, they have created the game out with a simple concept and made the game a massive hit.

Download Kick the Buddy Mod Ipa & Mod APK

They used a simple concept of relieving your stress by playing games and this method really worked out actually.

As per requested by users chilli games is finally working out to create Mod for Kick the Buddy Game.

And the happy news we have come out with the best working mod absolutely fine for both Android & ios.

Read out this post further to get the download links for Mod APK & Mod Ipa.

What is Mod APK & Mod IPA?

Mod APK & Mod IPA are kind of something like separate servers where the game is hosted but the thing is its root files are modified.

Features of Kick the Buddy Mod

There are lots of features available with this mod and I’ll tell you about the some of the best features of this mod.

Unlimited Gold and Gems

  • This is the first and premium most source in the game which is essential in purchasing the items required items in the shop.
  • With our Mod, you’ll get as much as coins and gems you want in the game.

Unlimited power usage

  • The main speciality of this game that you can attack your enemy with superpowers.
  • But the main problem is that the superpower is limited.
  • With the help of the mod, you can use the superpowers unlimited.

Unlimited special tokens

  • When special events are conducted you will be given only limited tokens to access to the game.
  • With our Special mod, you don’t need any tokens to participate in the events.
  • You can play it normally.

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How to download Kick the Buddy Mod APK  v 1.0.6

Downloading Mod APK is simpler nowadays within a simple download and just a few steps, follow the steps carefully.

  • Download the above given Mod APK file.
  • Remove any old versions of the game from your device.
  • Now make a clean installation.
  • Install any good VPN on your device.
  • Connect to any soft launch countries.
  • Better choose any region near you.
  • Now login to the mod with new Mail Id.
  • After few time you’ll be on the Kick the Buddy Private Servers Mod APK latest version v 1.0.4 updated.

Download Kick the Buddy Mod Ipa v 1.0.6

Using Cracked Version (Non-Jailbreak Version )

  • This is one of the methods used for downloading Mod Ipa for Kick the Buddy because ios servers don’t give permission easily.
  • Just give the required settings for installing in the mobile.
  • Download the cracked version using the above link.
  • Remove any old versions of the game.
  • Install the cracked version of the game.
  • You will be in the Kick the Buddy Private Servers Ipa Latest version v 1.0.4 updated.

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We hope that you have benefited from our Mod APK and if you face any problems during the process, don’t hesitate to contact us.