Download Metal Madness Mod IPA & Mod APK

Download Metal Madness Mod IPA & Mod APK v0.37.4

Metal Madness, when I hear out this name what comes to my mind is really a different kind of thing which no one wants to hear.

But this game is something quite really an exciting one where everyone should hear out about this one.

Though this game is not that much popular one till now, it will definitely reach greater heights after a certain period of time, that I’ll guarantee you for sure.

Keep reading this post to know more about this game and the features of the Mod.

After thinking out for a long time I have finally decided to work on the mod for this game so that everyone will enjoy the unlimited features of this game.

At first, it was really hard to develop a good working mod for metal madness, but later after running lots of tests and getting help from my friends finally I developed a fine working mod and its link was provided below.

And I am pretty sure that this mod will definitely help you reach a greater position in metal madness game in no time.

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Features of Metal Madness Mod 

There are lots of features in this mod and I’ll discuss some important features of this mod.

  • Unlimited coins and cash.
  • With that you can buy anything you wish for from the shop.
  • Unlock all the new cars from the shop.
  • More added advantages during PVP battle.
  • You can use the special powers unlimited no of times.
  • Unlock new special powers.

What’s New

  • New added cars.
  • Special powers range and attacking damage has also been modified too.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Download Metal Madness Mod APK v0.37.4

  • Before downloading and installing processes you have to connect to a good VPN network first.
  • Then Remove any old versions of the game from your device.
  • You should definitely be sure about the above point.
  • Now download and install the Mod APK file.
  • After some time you’ll be connected to metal madness Mod APK.

Download Metal Madness Mod IPA v0.37.4

  • So for this, we are going to follow the DNS method for it.
  • Go to settings bar in your device.
  • And open wifi option.
  • There Click on i Icon.
  • Now click Change SSID name.
  • Now enter any one of the below given DNS.
DNS Servers:




  • Refresh your wifi connections, you’ll in the mod servers probably.


We are happy to hear your feedback about this Mod. Leave your suggestions and comments below.

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