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Download Mobile Legends Adventure Latest Hack 2019 v1.1.39

After the monstrous hit of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, now Moonton has released the next version or the story continuation, we can say it out in any name and it is none other than the Mobile legends Adventure.

Its been only a few days since the game has been released and now the game has got a wide reach actually than expected, the most important factor is that Mobile Legends adventure has got a positive response so far.

We all know the Mobile Legends has got out a huge fan base and it been proved out with the release of Mobile legends Adventure, because its been only weeks since the release of Mobile Legends Adventure and the downloads have already crossed 10 million mark, this numbers show you how fans were waiting for the release of this game actually.

Also speaking about Moonton, they were actually the official makers of the Adventures who were also the makers of Bang Bang and adventure is their second ever game release after Bang Bang.

And definitely, for sure they might not have expected out a response like this from the fans of the Mobile legend for their second-ever game release.

Features of Mobile legends Adventure Hack

When it comes to the hack, the most of the hacks that were available in the web were mostly fake, but that’s the primary reason we have decided to cover up mobile legends adventure to give you a better insight about the game and also give you the best hack in the market.

Also let’s discuss in brief about the unlimited features that you are gonna get with our Hack, first of all the game is not a multiplayer version like Mobile Legends Bang Bang, since it is a role-playing game, you definitely needs some unlimited resources to complete out the story faster than your friends.

Mainly diamonds is the major resources that you use the most in the game, also gold currency and special token for evolving your heroes and also another special currency for upgrading out your hero equipment.

There are lots of currency resources in the game and in order to progress in the game, you need to utilize all the resources.

And that’s were our Hack is gonna help you in getting the unlimited resources you want, which in result will help you in ranking faster than you expected.

Also, our Hack provides you with features like unlocking out heroes, and there are four types of heroes in the game namely Common, Rare, Epic, Elite.

So you need to collect fragments or unlock the heroes by completing missions or in the fusion shrines, you can easily unlock out the Rare and Epic Heroes but unlocking Elite heroes is going to be the big task because they are not going to unlock out easily.

But don’t worry, with the help of our Hack you can easily unlock out al the Elite heroes in the game, which in turn will help you to rank faster than your friends.

Small info About the game

As like we have said before Mobile Legends Adventure is a role-playing game with the multiplayer features, and it is a continuation of Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

And in this lots of heroes are given out in the game from common to elite, as you progress out in the game you can unlock out features like Arena, Guilt, Labyrinth, Hall of Fame and much more.

You can also battle along with other players in the Arena where you can attack the opponent players and gain rewards, also don’t forget to prepare your best defence when your opponent battles you when you are not there.

And every week after the completion of one league, you’ll be getting rewards in the game.

The campaign is the story mode in the game which you can play and passing every level you’ll get massive rewards in the game.

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Download Mobile Legends Adventure Hack APK

Just simply follow the below-given steps to get unlimited resources on your device.





  • First Download the above-given Hack file on your Device.
  • And before installing it, connect to any good VPN network.
  • Now make sure the server connections are good, and after connecting to the servers.
  • Install the Hack file on your device, and open the file.
  • And now tap on the resources which you want to get unlimited and enter the number of unlimited resources that you want.
  • After entering wait some time for the resources to get added into your account.

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Download Mobile Legends Adventure Hack IPA

Installing the hack on the iOS device is a risky and tougher process than the APK version, so carefully follow the below-given Steps.




  • First, remove any old versions of the game from your device.
  • Then connect to any good VPN.
  • Now download and install the file on your device.
  • And give it the required permissions for installation whenever it asks.
  • Then go into the game, and enter the number of unlimited resources you want.
  • Now enjoy with your unlimited resources.


Will the Hack Works on My Device?

If you are able to play Mobile legends adventure on your device smoothly, then you can also use our Hack.

What if the Hack doesn’t work for me?

For most of the people the hack will work fine, but make sure follow the steps right, if still the problem persists then contact us, we are happy to help you.

What are the unlimited resources that I get with the Hack?

You’ll get all the primary resources of the game unlimited.