Dragon Quest Tact gets official January 27 release date

Square Enix’s colorful tactical RPG, Dragon Quest Tact, has an official mobile release date. It is due out on January 27.

The early access version of Dragon Quest Tact has been available on the Google Play Store for several months (and in Japan for yonks), so Android gamers probably won’t notice much of a difference – although the full version is in principle more stable.

In case you haven’t downloaded it already, Dragon Quest Tact sees you building a team of monsters and pitting them against other teams of monsters from the Dragon Quest series.

You will need to train, equip and customize your colorful creatures and deploy them wisely in combat to repel the forces of the Dark Lord and save the kingdom of Orchesterra.

Dragon Quest Tact will be free to download, but you’ll be able to pay for gems (of course) and a Passport membership, giving you various bonuses and so on.

You can download Dragon Quest Tact in early access now from the Google Play Store, and you will be able to download the appropriate game for free in a few weeks.