Dream Tech follows its Odie-like Monument Valley with hypercasual slip

Dream Tech, the studio behind the recent Monument Valley tribute Odie’s Valley, released a hypercasual arcade called Slide Shift. The wording “hypercasual” belongs to the developer, we hasten to add.

The gameplay of Slide Shift appears to involve directing a point on a scrolling lane. The point automatically moves forward, limiting your input to move it left and right and making it accelerate by keeping your finger pressed on the screen.

As you go along the way becomes filled with obstacles to avoid, until you inevitably come across one.

Dream Tech would like to emphasize the simplicity of the game, and that’s no lie. Slide Shift is incredibly basic, although its 3D visuals are solid and it looks like harmless casual fun. It won’t cost you anything to see for yourself, since Slide Shift is free Download now on the Google Play Store.