EA is in the process of acquiring Glu Mobile for $ 2.1 billion

If you didn’t find this title interesting, the rest of the story probably won’t do much for you either.

Electronic Arts – the gaming giant founded by Trip Hawkins and responsible for the Battlefield series, Apex Legends, the Madden series, The Sims and too many other legendary franchises to mention – is buying Glu Mobile.

If you’ve been working as long as we have been, you’ll recognize Glu Mobile as a true veteran of the mobile gaming scene. With studios like Gameloft, HandyGames, and Digital Chocolate (also founded by Trip Hawkins and run by Ilkka Paananen, who later co-founded Supercell), Glu was there during the J2ME era.

And unlike Digital Chocolate, it has survived and thrived in the age of free-to-play smartphone games, scoring big hits with titles like Kim Kardashian Hollywood, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, Britney Spears: American Dream, and countless others.

This move seems to have made some people quite reluctant, but it probably won’t impact your life unless you own shares of Glu or EA, both of which have gone up in value.

(Thanks, Andy)