Epic Space-sim Infinite Lagrange is now available on the Play Store

Netease has released its massive space exploration simulation Infinite Lagrange in a bunch of other territories, including the United States. This means that you can grab it for free from the Play Store right now.

Infinite Lagrange sees you building a giant space fleet in order to explore and master the cosmos. It’s huge in every way, with lots of different options to customize your fleet.

You can join alliances to conquer the galaxy, forge bonds between other players, and then engage in huge tactical battles to try to reduce your enemies to ashes.

The game also offers cross play functionality, so whether you play it on mobile or PC, you are going to experience the same vast universe. There is also a super interesting creative program that allows you to showcase your designs. You can find out more about the Lagrange Co-Creation Initiative by clicking here.

So yes, if you want to explore the depths of space, find new planets, craft awesome ships, and generally live out your sci-fi dreams, you should definitely consider taking this one.

Click here and you can download Infinite Lagrange right now from the Google Play Store. It won’t cost you anything, and it’s deep, beautiful, and just might be a lot of fun.