Fantastic Roguelike Wizard of Legend on the way to mobile

Humble Games has announced that a port of the magnificent Wizard of Legend roguelike hack-and-slash is coming to mobile. If you are into wizards and violence, then this is great news.

The game has been released on most home systems for the past three years, and during that time it garnered a decent following and impressive reviews. It’s cool that it’s finally heading to Android, then.

The top-down action sees you playing as a wizard, making your way through 100 floors of a dungeon in an attempt to escape. The combat is fast and smooth and the whole thing looks super smooth. Here’s a trailer that shows off those slickitudes.

The mobile part will feature local co-op and PvP modes, allowing you to play with friends in the same room. It’s unclear if it will have online multiplayer as well.

At the moment, we don’t have a release date or price for the mobile version of Wizard of Legend, we just know that it will arrive at some point in the future.

Of course, you’ll be the first people we tell when we find out. In fact, you’ll probably be the only people we tell about it when we find out. Because you are special.