Flipon, the colorful PC and Switch Puzzler, is coming to the Google Play Store

The colorful Flipon puzzle, from developer Pixelnest Studio, is now available on Android, thanks to the Plug in Digital editor.

The gameplay allows you to match colored blocks in a well, like any number of arcade puzzles before it, most notably Tetris Attack. There is a bit of a match-three in there too.

It’s a pretty solid gameplay mechanic, but the real draw is in the layout and cast of the characters you’ll get to know over the course of the game’s campaign, which spans over 75 levels and mixes into one. variety of modes.

There are puzzles, boss fights, and objectives to complete, as well as Score Attack, Challenge, Versus, and Powers modes to keep you busy once you’ve polished the story.

Flipon is available on the Google Play Store now.