Genshin’s upcoming game Impact Developer miHoYo is a romantic sleuth title called Tears of Themis

MiHoYo, the developer behind the hugely popular RPG gacha Genshin Impact, has announced that he is working on a “romantic sleuth” game called Tears of Themis.

The gameplay will see you take on the role of a dedicated lawyer in search of truth and justice through her firm Themis Law. It means interviewing witnesses and suspects, carrying out investigations, examining evidence, etc. Basically the police are working.

Four male characters help you: Luke Pearce, Marius von Hagen, Vyn Richter and Arten Wing. The “romance” part of the game will see you cultivating your relationships with these potential suitors.

Tears of Themis will enter its first global beta on May 8, with pre-registrations opening today. Head to the official site to put your name on paper for a graphically polished Phoenix Wright / Ally McBeal-esque fun in the near future.