Golf Impact now has clans and Mount Fuji

The PvP Golf Impact Ball Launcher has just been updated, bringing the seemingly long-awaited Clan upgrade to the Hole in multiplayer.

Your awesome putts and birdies won’t just make your face smile. Now you can team up with other players around the world to make every shot even more valuable.

The better your clan is, the more you will climb in the regional and world rankings. The higher you finish, the more likely your team is to win. So that’s fine, if you love golf and winning things.

And there’s moreā€¦

In addition to the new Clans feature, Golf Impact now offers 11 circuits to ride. That’s because the new update also includes Mount Fuji, a bunch of new routes around the famous Japanese landmark.

You will need to be a top level player to unlock Mount Fuji, and it is designed to test your golfing prowess. Obviously, you’re going to want to prove that you’re the best, otherwise what’s the point of playing? To have fun? Losers.

You can download Golf Impact, clans and Mount Fuji included, for free, by clicking here. If you love golf and playing against other people, but hate going out, you are in for a treat.