Golf Peaks is currently a third on Android

Golf Peaks, the innovative puzzle from developer Afterburn, is currently 33% off the Google Play Store. You can grab it for $ 1.99, down from its regular price of $ 2.99.

Like this week’s Golf Skies, Golf Peaks is one of many, many mobile games where the fundamental principle is hitting a ball with a stick in the direction of a hole.

This particular twist of the age-old format allows you to climb mountains playing golf shots on tiles that dictate what the ball does as it passes over it. An arrow tile moves it in the corresponding direction, a sand tile swallows it whole, a cross throws it into the air, and so on.

Golf Peaks is a hugely acclaimed puzzle game, with rave reviews from major mobile gaming sites and a host of awards to its name. It has 120 scenes, realizations and a calming minimalist art style.

And, for the moment, a (relatively) low price. Golf Peaks is available on the Google play store now for $ 1.99.