Horizon Chase gets a little fast and furious in the Walker-X expansion

The latest expansion pack for Horizon Chase has just been uploaded to the Play Store. It’s called the Walker-X pack, and it adds a new car, remixed tracks and a touch of grit to the amazing arcade racing game.

The new car is the titular Walker-X, and it’s all about lowered shocks, plunging spoilers, and shiny wheels. You will be able to run it on eight tracks which are remixes of the ones you raced in the main game.

There are also four new unlockable skins for the Walker-X, so you can show everyone how cool you are by having a different colored car for them. Oooooh, look at you.

The races in Walker-X are going to be more difficult and you will need all of your skills if you want to win. You might need your family to help you. Because, as everyone knows, family family family family.

The Walker-X update is available as an IAP and will cost you 99c. It’s barely a c at all, and anything that adds more to Horizon Chase is fine with us, because Horizon Chase is awesome.

If you haven’t played the game yet, you can click here to download Horizon Chase from Google Play Store. It’s free to download and, we think we mentioned it before, it’s an ace.