How do Windows retailer keys work?

You may be familiar with the version that comes with Windows (i.e., Windows Home or Windows Pro), and perhaps you were aware of ways to purchase Windows at a bargain or even for free, but can you tell if the version comes with a retail license? The distinction can affect your ability to transfer the key to another computer.

They are also the most versatile form of license. It is possible to use keys on multiple computers. (However, you aren’t able to utilize a single license on more than one computer simultaneously.) Therefore, if you build an entirely new PC and you want to transfer the license to it without any difficulty.

Windows retailer keys

Windows Retail key

A Windows Retail license is the license you get by purchasing a copy of Windows 10 from a Microsoft store or an authorized retailer. If you own a Windows 10 Retail license, you could transfer it to another PC if you remove the old computer from activation. There’s no limit to hardware.

How to Check Product Key Type Installed on Windows 11

To determine if the license you purchased for Windows 11 Professional license is OEM or Retail, Follow these steps:

Step 1: In the brand new Windows 11, we get a center taskbar. Click on the Windows icon to start the “Start Menu’. Please search for the Command Prompt and then run it as an administrator.

Step 2: Click on the “Command Prompt ” and type in the below command to determine the license type, and press Enter.

Step 3: Confirm the license type using the information available from the Windows Script Host dialog.

After completing all of these actions, you’ll be aware of the kind of product key you’re using in Windows 11.

Methods to Get Windows 11 License Key

You can use the 3 ways below to acquire a Windows 11 digital license or product key.

Method 1. Purchase Original Windows 11 from Microsoft Store

If you are interested in purchasing a digital license for Windows 11, you can visit the Microsoft Store. You will receive n email verification within a few minutes to confirm your purchase. You will also find your Windows 11 digital license attached to this email address.

Method 2. Purchase a computer equipped with Windows 11 Preinstalled

You should also purchase an activation key if you buy a computer with Windows 11 Professional OS preinstalled. Windows 11 product keys are usually located on your COA (Certificate of Authenticity) or in the device packaging.

Method 3. Find Windows 11 ProfessionalKey from Third-party Websites

It is also possible for you to purchase Windows 11 from the retailers that Microsoft has authorized to sell the product. If you do not want to purchase the product, you may be able to find keys to the product online, but you should be aware that it may violate Microsoft’s copyright policy. The original Windows 11 license from Microsoft is recommended to be purchased if you intend to use Windows 11.


Windows 11 Professionalis the most recent Operating System from Microsoft and comes with a variety of kinds of keys for licenses. Microsoft provides Windows 11 licenses in many channels, each governed by different rules.