How to Download Maps on the Google Maps App for Offline Use

The world without Google Maps and its ground-breaking navigation module seem impossible now. But there was a time when people didn’t turn to their smartphone, type in the location, and find their way back. Gone are the days where people asked their way to others for the place. Even today, there is a problem in traveling, even if you have to download Maps on Google Maps on your smartphone. Having no reception on the phone can be a bummer.

There is a way by which you can still rely on the navigation prowess even if you lose network reception or if your internet is not working. Before you continue with your travel, you can download the map’s area. So far, this feature makes Google chad kimball Maps quite more exciting and robust than its alternatives. The option is great for families and travelers who are always on the move by the looks of it.

Download Maps on the Google Maps App
Download Maps

Before you entirely rely on Google Maps’ offline aspect, set off the destination, you must be aware that downloading the transit, walking directions, or biking while downloading directions. Further, you’ll not have access to several things such as alternate routes, traffic information, or even lane guidance. In certain regions, it is impossible to download offline as there are contractual limitations & language support.

When you download maps, they will surely take up some storage space on the device. Also, you’ll be prompted to check out the details regarding the storage option. Hence, it is an excellent idea that you need to have a recommended amount of space to download a map of any region or place. Once the map is downloaded, you don’t need to go through much technical knowledge to use it.

Check out the steps that you’ll need to know for downloading Google Maps on Android and iOS devices.

Downloading Google Maps on iOS devices:

Downloading Google Maps on iOS devices

If you happen to know iPad or iPhone, here’s how you could begin:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Make sure that you’ve signed into your Google account and have a steady internet connection.
  3. Type in the location, the one you’d want to visit, and search it.
  4. Then Google Maps will scroll down to the location that you had input earlier. A tab would then appear at the screen’s bottom, which would repeat the address while offering some options. All you need to do is tap the place’s name and address.
  5. You’ll see a three dots button, type on that.
  6. Click on Map; it will be downloaded.

Downloading Google Maps on Android devices:

Downloading Google Maps

Most of the steps that you’ll need to download the region’s map on an Android device is the same as that of the iOS.

  1. Open the app and choose an account where you’d like to download it.
  2. On the search bar, put in the location and then search it.
  3. Click on Direction, which is located on the left side, and pinpoints your location.
  4. Swipe from the screen’s left side to right and choose the option’ offline maps.’
  5. Click on the Select option map on the device and open the settings. After this, you could automatically update the map and download them.
  6. Then press on the ‘Download’ option.

These ways would help to access Google maps on both iOS and Android devices.