It’s font 1 and 2 are less than half the price right now on Android

This is the Police and This is the Police 2 are both less than half the price on the Google Play Store. The first is $ 3.49 and the second is $ 2.99, compared to $ 7.99 in both cases.

Released on mobile in 2018, This in the Police started life on PC and consoles before finally making the jump to the small screen. This is a real time strategy / adventure game in which you play as a police chief who tries to earn $ 500,000 in 180 days to cover his retirement.

Of course, it’s not easy to bring up this kind of money by staying on the right side of the law, so there are some shady decisions to be made.

It’s Police 2 has a slightly different setting, but it covers the same ground thematically.

This time, you’re running the Sheriff’s Department, which means managing a team, carrying out investigations, engaging in tactical combat, and – uh oh – trying to stay out of jail. You will even be in a relationship with Jack Boyd, the shady protagonist of the first game.

You can enter It’s the police and It’s the police 2 less than half the price right now on the Google Play Store.