King of Worlds is a Swords and Sandals strategy game with a quick twist, available in select regions

King of Worlds, from developer 7Senses, looks like a pretty generic strategy game, with swords, armor, isometric towns, real historical figures, and splendid beards.

But he has a chess-like turn of gear. “Master the gameplay in 60 seconds, conquer the region in 24 hours, obtain Tier 3 soldiers in 48 hours, and form the Strong Alliance in 72 hours!”

This is what the description of the Google Play Store says. We’re not quite sure what that entails, but we welcome the innovative injection of rhythm into a genre that can be freezing at times.

Otherwise, King of Worlds looks like a familiar fare. You spend your time conquering things, including wonders, that can be found in the game world.

You can form alliances, collect resources, complete missions, and more. If you live in USA, Brazil, Malaysia, Philippines. Taiwan, Macau or Hong Kong, you can download King of Worlds for free now.

Otherwise, you will have to wait a little longer.