Kingsense tactical RPG offers stacks of rewards for pre-registrations

Kingsense is a futuristic new tactical RPG set at a time when humanity has just suffered a serious series of bad luck. And you can pre-register now.

The game allows you to engage in highly tactical team-based battles on a 5 × 9 grid. The possibility of different combinations is almost limitless, thanks to all the variables at your disposal.

There are 40 different Sensats, and they all have their own unique personalities – and can all be upgraded.

Sensates also come in six different professions, with six different elemental affinities, giving you an overabundance of variables to work with when building your teams.

It’s a rich and complex RPG with a rich and complex storyline that gets more and more involved as you explore the protagonist’s dual identity and the two branching paths of the game’s narrative. You will also need to use a good level of strategy to progress, which means that it offers a pleasant level of challenge.

As for the plot, it’s a doozy. An asteroid has destroyed the world’s ecosystems, rendering the planet virtually uninhabitable and forcing the remaining human population underground.

Then, with the development of a new race of superhumans called Sensates, a cataclysmic underground war broke out between the three surviving factions of humanity: the Benign United Council, the P.T.H. Group, and the downright sneaky, Sensat-manipulating Order of Kluto

Even the end of the war did not mark the end of bad luck. Instead, a new, calmer crisis is unfolding and it’s your job to stop the disaster ahead.

Kingsense looks great too, and his impeccable production values ​​carry over to the vocal talent. The superstar’s vocal line-up includes Manori Uchida, Sumire Uesaka, Ayane Sakura and others.

We don’t know exactly when Kingsense will release, but you can pre-register now. on the official website of the game. And if you do, you can take part in the Team Hack Pre-Launch Event, giving you the chance to win Hack Chips, an SR Soga character, and heaps of Crystals.

For more information, follow Kingsense on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Discord.