May’s Mysteries – The Secret of Dragonville makes a passable impression of Professor Layton, and it’s now available in Open Beta

May’s Mysteries, from developer FredBear, is an adventure puzzle title that looks a lot like the Professor Layton games, and you can play it right now in Early Access.

In the game, you play as May, an intelligent and charismatic girl in search of her missing brother. As you progress through the adventure, you solve logical puzzles. These are like the ones you might find in a puzzle book, rather than the “Use a Mug with a Barrel” type puzzles you get in traditional point-and-click adventures.

Puzzle formats include hidden objects, rhythm games, sorting shapes, sliding tiles, solving cipher, etc.

FredBear promises over 25 hours of gameplay across four distinct worlds made up of over 80 hand-drawn locations. There are also ten minutes of animated cutscenes.

It all sounds like a believable take on Professor Layton’s rarely emulated formula. May’s Mysteries is free to download, with an IAP of $ 4.99 to unlock the full game.

Download now on the Google Play Store.