Mobile Legends Adventure Fusion Shrine

Mobile Legends Adventure Fusion Shrine – Guide

If you guys have played Mobile Legends Adventure, then definitely you might have known about the wide variety of features in the game.

Yes, the lots of features which were available in the game make it as the positive feature of the game.

And Fusion Shrine is one among those excellent features in the game which is also an innovative feature in the game too.

So what’s about this feature is that this is the place where you can upgrade your heroes like this is the place where you can upgrade your heroes.

In the game, there are actually three types of heroes namely common, rare, elite, epic and among them, Epic heroes are the difficult ones to get.

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What is Fusion?

If you really know about the basics science then you would have known about the fusion. Fusion actually in the game is that it is a process of merging up heroes to level up.

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For example, let’s take a three-star hero and if you want that hero to level up then you need three cards of the same hero of three-star level and now you can fuse these three cards to make him a four-star hero.

And for epic heroes, you only need two cards to fuse to make him a 6-star hero.