Mobile Legends Adventure Labyrinth

Mobile Legends Adventure Labyrinth – Things to Know about it

This is another kind of interesting Feature in a Mobile legends Adventure game, which will give you rewards in the game which you can’t get anywhere.

Let us say about those important things present in this labyrinth.

  • There are different types of the dungeon in the game from Dark Dungeon 1 the lowest to Dark Dungeon 6 and the rewards vary for each dungeon. Higher the level of Dungeon you go then higher the rewards will be.


  • Dungeons reset at 12 hrs and you can challenge the Dungeon after the reset.


  • Dungeons unlock according to your medal rank, a new dungeon unlocks when you reach a higher Medal Rank. Newer Dungeon Drop more rewards and the value of rewards is higher than previous dungeons.


  • Each dungeon has multiple levels and each level has a locked gate. You can obtain the key by defeating enemies. You can enter the next level once the gate is unlocked.


  • When you enter the gate of the last level, you’ll exit the dungeon and receive your rewards. You can use designated items to challenge the dungeon again afterwards.

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  • You’ll receive rewards when you clear the last level of the dungeon or when the dungeon reset. And you’ll get ratings based on the levels you cleared and the enemies you defeated. The ratings will increase the EXP for your metal rank.


  • When your EXP reaches a certain level and you’ll get at least 1-star rating in the current dungeon, your medal will rank up and you’ll receive rewards accordingly.

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  • Tap the medal icon in the Labyrinth screen to get more.


  • There is a treasure chest on each level on Dungeons, Once the gate is unlocked the treasure chest will open as well.

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