Download Mobile legends Adventure Mod APK

Mobile Legends Adventure Mod APK & IPA v1.1.39

When you heard of the name Mobile Legends, the first thing that will come to your mind will be Mobile legends bang bang but that was a past history from now onwards the only thing that will come to your mind will be Mobile Legends Adventure because the game has been going on fire in Android and iOS download Platforms.

Yes, we are speaking about the Moonton the famous game makers of Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s newest Release Mobile legends Adventure, and this is the 2nd ever game after Bang Bang, actually, this game is a continuation of Mobile Legends Adventures.

Most of the characters which were available in Mobile Legends Bang Bang is also available in the Mobile Legends Adventure too actually.

So its going to be the biggest ever treat for the Mobile Legends series fans.

Since most of our users were constantly requesting us for a fine working Mod for Mobile Legends Adventure, we have finally got a working mod for Mobile Legends adventure only for the request of our users.

We apologize for the delay that has caused in giving you the mod, but it has taken a lot of time in finding out a fine working mod for the Mobile Legends Adventure.

Keep on reading out this post to get the download links for your devices.

What is Mod APK?

So We don’t want to confuse you by saying you a big technical explanation, Mod APK means the game files of the certain Game is modified to give you unlimited no of resources.

Features of Mobile Legends Adventure Mod

Unlimited Diamonds and coins

Mobile Legends Adventure is one of the games which consists of Lots of resources in the game, and if you want to grow faster in the game then you must have lots of resources in the game. If you have played the game then you might know that diamonds are the most used thing in the game and not only diamonds you’ll be getting most of the resources in the game unlimited.

Unlock out all the Heroes

In the game, there are actually four types of heroes namely common, rare, elite and Epic. Epic heroes are the most difficult to get and can’t be obtained that easily as like other cards. But in our Mod you can easily unlock out all the Epic heroes in the game in an instant with just a single click.

Unlimited Arena Battles

So there is a feature called as Arena in the game, and actually, this is like a multiplayer version of the game, but there is a disadvantage in this features that you can only battle 3 times in the game. But that is only other people because with the help of our Mod you can battle n number of times in the Arena Mode.

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Unlimited Premium Summons

Also there is a feature called as Wishing Shrine in the game, here you can spend diamonds to unlock heroes, also by using premium Summons you can unlock epic heroes, but you can get premium summons three days once, but our mod provides you with unlimited no of premium summons, so that you can easily unlock out all those epic heroes you want.

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Equipment Upgrade

So for every hero will have equipment in the battles and you can unlock new equipment as you progress and also you need to upgrade the equipment of heroes in order to give your hero more powerful. In our Mod you can upgrade the equipment of the hero to the max.

Download Mobile Legends Adventure Mod APK v1.1.39




Simply follow the given below steps to install the Mod APK on your Device.

  • First of all download the above given Mod APK file.
  • Before installing it connect to any good VPN.
  • Make sure the connection is good enough.
  • After getting connected now install the Mod File on your device.
  • Now enjoy your services of being in the Mod.

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Download Mobile legends Adventure Mod IPA v1.1.39

The process of IPA is a bit tougher process than the IPA since iOS don’t allow installation of third-party apps that easily so follow the steps carefully.

  • Remove any old versions of the game from your device.
  • Then Download and install the mod file on your device.
  • During installation, if it has asked for any permission don’t hesitate to give.
  • Now go into the game and login with new mail id.
  • That’s it you are into the mod, start getting your unlimited resources.

Download Mobile legends Adventure Mod iOS (DNS Method)

Though this is an old method, yet it is one of the effective methods in the game.

  • First, download the game application from the apple store before processing the method.
  • There are three IP address available in the game, choose one depending on your location.
  • Choose the one which is close to you.
  • Open wifi settings and tap on the “i” icon, besides that there will be SSID name.
  • There put any one of the IP address given below to connect to Mod Servers


  • Now start the game and wait until you are connected to the Mod Servers.


Will I get Starlight Pass In this Mod?

For now, no you can’t get because this mod is still under a beta stage so may in few days you can expect this feature in our Mod.

Can I unlock all the heroes in the game?

Yes, mostly you can unlock all the heroes, we are saying like this because you can’t unlock all the heroes in a single click but with the unlimited no of diamonds you get with mod, you can use it in wishing shrine and get your favourite heroes.

What if the Mod doesn’t work on my device?

It will surely work on your device if not maybe you might not have follow the steps correctly, so check it once again or else contact us fo assistance.