My Time at Portia for Android pre-orders are live

Basically what the title says. If you’ve been thrilled to get your hands on Stardew Valley-style My Time at Portia on your Android phone or tablet, now you can start to get a little more excited.

That’s because pre-orders for the game are now available on the Play Store. My Time at Portia is slated to launch on August 4, which means you have exactly two months to wait. It’s not that long, in the grand scheme of things.

The mobile version of the game has some additional tweaks compared to the home version which has been purchased by over two million people around the world. These include a more streamlined user interface and shortcuts to make building and crafting easier.

There are also additional automatic and manual save options, to ensure that you won’t lose any of your progress if you need to stop your game quickly.

My time in Portia is to rebuild the world after a global tragedy. You craft just about anything, fight monsters, and make friends with 50 different NPCs.

If you’re keen to receive your pre-order – which, let’s be honest, you almost certainly do – you can do so by clicking here to visit My Time on Portia’s Google Play Store page.