Pokemon Go Spoofing Android & iOS 2019 – New updated ways 100% Working

So spoofing in Pokemon Go is like not an easy task as you think, its really a risky process and you have to face lots of consequences if you are caught.

The Niantic if found anything suspicious first they’ll warn you in a soft manner by disabling good Pokemon Monsters and then in serious cases it may cause your account banned permanently.

But everybody wants to fake their and explore the world with free GPS by sitting out in an idle place, so that’s where spoofing works.

Definitely its not going to be an easy one for sure, for that process you need rooted devices if you are using android, and jail broken device if you are using iOS.

So you need to download and use certain apps for hiding out your rooted device and also for the jailbroken device.

In every process, that you are going to do you have to be absolutely safe about the process.

You can ask that using Fake GPS we can easily do this and what’s the need of spoofing, but actually, even if you have done spoofing in 100% accurate you are going to caught by Niantic at some point.

Also you have to remind that even you cover your rooted device with some apps at one point you may be caught, it is to make an extra safety.

Who would want to risk their device by rooting for a gaming purpose, even if you want to do, it’s your own risk?

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Best Spoofing Method for Pokemon Go (100 % Safe)

So we have found out a new spoofing fake gps and what’s so special about this one is that this is one of the safest fake Gps we have ever found, because we have tested this one with more than 1000’s of devices and found it completely safe.

Also with this method, you’ll get two varieties of Joystick too and can switch to any location you want to in an instant.

And another speciality about this Fake GPS is that you can use this method for Game like Harry Potter Wizards Unite and many more location-based apps.

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How to do Pokemon Go Spoofing Android 2019

  • So on android first you needed a rooted device for this process, if you don’t know how to root watch the video below.

  • Then you need to hide your root for that you need to use an certain app, we prefer Hide my root.
  • You can try other apps if you want.
  • Then Download a location faking app for pokemon go GPS spoofing android, try out the Fake Location Spoofer Free.
  • Now go into the pokemon app and explorePokemon Go Location Spoofing.

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How to do Pokemon Go Spoofing iOS 2019

  • So for iOS, you need a jail breaken device for this process, watch the below video to make your device jailbroken one.

  • Then go out for ts protector app to hide out your jailbreak, but this app might charge you.
  • For faking up your location try out Location Faker, which is the best cydia app for this process.
  • Now go into the pokemon app and explore pokemon go location spoofing iOS.

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This would work but beware that this might even cost your hard earned account


We hope that this method has successfully worked on your device, and please do give your feedback.