Pro Tips to Learn Chess Strategies for Beginners

To all the aspirants out there who are interested to Learn the Chess Strategy of attentiveness and tactic, here are some handy tips that may help you if you are a beginner in this game to Learn Chess Strategy. If you are willing to increase your odds of winning the game in your test practice matches. Well, the game gets pretty interesting and intertwining at a much later stage, these pro tips to learn chess strategies may help to give you an upper hand in such games.

  • Changing a faulty piece as quickly as possible:

One needs to assess the future profitability a piece will or is supposed to bring to the contestant in his match, if a piece doesn’t seem to perform fairly well in the upcoming chances then it is better to get it exchanged for some other piece quickly. Recognizing such pieces and exchanging them soon is what makes a naïve player a master. Suppose a bishop in all paths has been blocked by its own side’s pawns then it shall be considered a bad piece and must be exchanged for another piece asap.

  • Inter connect your rooks and ensure they have been placed correctly in open columns:

Rooks are restrictive pieces since they only allow straight vertical and horizontal movements. Thus in order to operate these difficult pieces, one must be careful that they avoid movements when there are no open columns. Now one must be aware of the concept of castling, one of the reasons why it is necessary to Learn Chess Strategy because it assists in bringing your rooks to the center of the board. 

  • Castling In early stages:

Another tactic to increase your odds of victory is to keep the king in a safe place while trying to create threats to your competitor’s king if possible. Thus castling is advised at early stages as it shifts the king from the center, which undoubtedly is the area that is prone to all the action taking place. It even enables you to bring rooks to the center.

  • Avoid moving the queen in the beginning:

A mistake that most of the beginners must refrain from doing is to avoid moving the queen too soon into the game, novice players might be tempted with the power of the queen, thus moving the queen earlier to threaten their opponents but what they fail to conclude is that the same queen is a powerhouse and must be protected to increase the probability of winning the game. Thus they miss many tempos in futile attempts to save the queen.

  • The center of the board is the key area:

A vital Section of the board which needs utmost care is the center of the board since all the action takes place there and once you have carefully placed your pieces in the center you

can access the whole board with them. Learn this Chess Strategy because it has proven over and over again to be fruitful.

Pro Tips to Learn Chess Strategies
Pro Tips to Learn Chess Strategies
  • Developing your pieces quickly and simultaneously threatening the competitor:

Taking an initiative to develop your pieces quickly can aid in creating pressure over the opponent by restricting his freedom to move since you are developing your pieces and making them end up in tactical and strategic positions which are threatening as well. To Learn This Chess Strategy it is important that you practice multiple times. 

  • Not more than 3 pawns are required to be moved at the starting of the match:

Well, 3 pawns are more than enough to build positions for defense and attack, and this is an example of how you learn Chess Strategy, moving more than the required pawns may lead up to losing in the early stages of the game only as it makes your defense weak, one should always remember pawns don’t move backward.